Do you need even faster than our normal production time? We can accomodate you. Just phone us on 04 56 88 773 during office hours and we will try to get you sorted.

Here’s a few things to remember

  • Some products cannot be rushed, especially if the job is large, complex, or requires working with our production partners. 
  • We may already be fully booked with work and we will have move other customers jobs around to fit you in.
  • A rush fee may be added to accomidate the cost of having to move your work to the head of the production process. You will get a substantial rush charge applied to any work that has to go to a production partner.
  • We can not speed up couriers, especially for goods moving inter city or inter island. While we do have some overnight delivery options, these are far more expensive and are still limited to normal business delivery hours.

If you do need something rushed please call us and we will do everything we can to make it happen.