When you want your Business Card to say even more

Take all the cool features found in a normal business card to the next level with Folded Business Cards. This format gives you a mini flyer that still small enought to fit in to a credit card slot of any purse or wallet.

Just like Standard Business Cards, you're not limited to standard 350gsm coated card when you get us to print your cards. We also offer lighter coated, uncoated, textured, and recycled card. Like our standard business cards, we offer these in single and double sided designs with colour or black only outsides, and blank / black only / full colour insides. Want extra high end finish, we can offer matte and gloss lamination. If you want other features too, like custom sizes, folds, die cut shapes and spot gloss printing, contact us directly and we can quote a price for you.

Plese be aware that if you select the Black Only option for your printing both the Design Studio and PDF proofs will be in colour. The conversion to black only printing happens at the printing stage. If you are unsure if your work will effective as black only please do contact us and we can provide assistance.

Price Calculator

Chose from our range of cards

  • Silk/Matte - our standard high quality card, extra stiff for longer wear
  • Silk/Matte Light - for a lighter card thinner business card
  • Uncoated - for a more natual look and feel. Perfect for writing or stamping on
  • Linen - with a textured feel and finish
  • Recycled - off white (light buff) recycled complete with coloured flecks of the reclaimed pulp

Chose from a single or double sided card

Chose from having a Black or Colour outside and a Blank/Black/Colour inside

Please remember that if you select Black print, both Design Studio and the proofs will show that side/s in colour. If you are unsure how it will look please contact us directly

Add lamination to one or both sides of the card

  • Gloss: for a high shine, brigher colours, slik feel
  • Matte: low sheen finish, softer colours, wax paper feel


Total :$ 86.50