An Error In Our Opening Hours

We have just discovered that Google has been reporting that we are open from 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. This is not the case. We are open only from 9am to 5 pm Monday, Wednesday to Friday, and 10am top 5pm Tuesdays. We are closed Saturday, Sunday, and all public holidays.  We have updated our information with them but it might take a few days for the information to be applied to all of their servers. We apologise for any problems this has caused. 

Deliveries Timeframes Are Returning To Normal

The delivery issues of earlier this year are mostly resolved. There are still going to be periods or regions that will have delays at different times through this year as future waves of flu or COVID-19 run their course. If you have any work that has to be delivered by a given date both check the network status  page of Post Haste Couriers. You can also contact us directly so we can prioritise your order to ensure it is delivered on time.


Update on Papers and Cards

While we are having occasional supply issues with our paper and card range we are holding most options in stock at this time. In some cases we might substitute a gloss instead of our standard silk finish, or obtain a uncoated from a different supplier which might look a slightly different white colour. We are currently changing our photocopy paper (80gsm uncoated) to a different supplier so you will notice a slight difference in the white value between batches but it won’t effect the quality or colour of any printing done with it.


A Reminder about Rush Charges

Recently we have been getting quite a few orders with the need to have them ready in a few hours, or just a day.  We’re happy to accommodate your needs, we work out our production time based on the most cost effective way of doing the work. So if we have to get a job ready sooner we have to add rush charges to cover that cost increase. These rush charges will apply if we have to put your order ahead of others in the production stack when we are currently busy. Where possible we will notify you of the potential rush charge before starting the job, but we can’t always guarantee we can as we are rushing to get your order completed by your required date/time.


Changes in Delivery Charges

We have updated our delivery charges on the 18th May to reflect the increased charges by our shipping partner. We charge all shipping at cost as to minimise the charges to you but with both inflation and the spike in fuel charges we have no other choice but to increase them

For Non Urban Customers

Our shipping partner has altered the way they now charge delivery to any address they consider not to be within 'city limits'. As this price is based on distance traveled outside of the limit and the number of deliverys to addresses in the cycle means that we can no longer charge a flat rate for the delivery. The system now will bill a minimum charge and we will confirm with the courier what the final charges are. We will contact you to let you know the finial price if it is higher than the minimum charge and send you payment request. Until the payment is made the job will be put on hold. This process will not apply to our approved credit account partners.


A Reminder About Printing or Copying Government Documents

A timely reminder to all our customers about our position when it comes to printing or copying government documents. All documents created by the New Zealand Government are the copyright of the government department or agency that issues them. They put restrictions on what can or can not be printed by people or businesses that are not authorised agents. As a printer we have rules of what we must do on given situations

  • All government forms that can be downloaded as pdfs from their websites, ie tax forms, brochures, applications for grants. We can print those with no restrictions. We can also scan in completed forms to send to your email and to the government department / agency.
  • Legal ID’s for example Drivers Licence or Passports must be copied in a way that make it clear that they are not the original, for example enlarging by 25%.  If the copy is then witnessed by a JP we can copy and scan it without any issue. Scanning the original can be done, but we must do so in a way that will render it useless for making illegal copies of the information. 
  • Currency can be copied but must be scaled up to 25% larger than the original.
  • Documents or ID require a government authority to both issue the original and fill in the details; we can only copy or scan the completed original. 

We offer an editing service for documents but this with the understanding that we can not edit any legally binding documents. We will decide if we can or can not edit any document on a case by case basis.


Copy Express and the Covid 19 Traffic Light System

Full information is here but put simply we will operate through all three status and only require customers to wear masks and maintain 1 meter spacing from each other during levels Orange and Red. We do not have a limit in the number of people who can be inside our office at any time.  If you do not wear a mask during levels Orange or Red we will instuct you on what to do.  We do not need to see a vaccine pass but we will need to see the mask free permit if you are maskless during levels Orange and Red. The Copy Express Team will be wearing masks and are fully vaccinated.