Upgrades of our Product Range

As part of our ongoing process of upgrading our product range to give you more choice and better value, we have been disabled various products which have now been replaced with better alternatives. As such a product you may have ordered in the past will show in your order history but can not be ordered. We have retained these existing orders as part of the account history for those customers who might need to get a reprint of previous orders invoice.

If you have an older item that you can not reorder please contact us through email or give us a call and we can transfer the old file over to the appropriate new product range. There is no charge for the update.


Some papers and cards not available for orders

Because of the current situation with international shipping having both large delays and increasing cost, this has effected our product ranges. Some of the papers and cards we have offered will not be available to order. In some cases they are no longer being carried by our suppliers as they are no longer economical for them to do so.  In other cases they are simply waiting their turn to get on to a cargo ship (with some products having up to a 3 month delay.) 

Where possible we have turned off the effected paper and card options on web to print  service. This means you can still order from our ranges of products but the unavaible papers and card can not be chosen. 

However if you still want to use a paper or card that is currently unavailable please contact us directly so we can work with you to find the best solution to your need.  Where possible we will try to offer you an alternative option, generally an upgrade in gsm or finish  to meet your needs at no extra cost.

If we are unable to do that we can source alternatives from our suppliers. These alternatives are not our standard line so may result in increased charges to you. While we rather not do that, if you require a particular card or paper then these costs must be passed on to you.


Copy Express and the Covid 19 Traffic Light System

Full information is here but put simply we will operate through all three status and only require customers to wear masks and maintain 1 meter spacing from each other. We do not need to see a vaccine pass. The Copy Express Team will be wearing masks and are fully vaccinated.


Delays in Deliveries - Update as at 14/12/2021

Our two main courier partners have informed us that all shipping has an expected 3-7 extra days delivery time on top of their normal time frame. We have checked other shipping and courier companies and found they are quoting the same additional delays. We do not expect this situation to improve in the new year as the backlog of deliveries will have to be processed before there is any significant decrease in the delivery times.

We recommend that if your order is time critical you contact us directly by phone. We can see what we can do to accommodate your needs but can make no promises for delivery times for the forseeable future. 

We have not adjusted our delivery time frames as the situation with the couriers is ongoing and the delivery delays change from week to week. Also it simply depends on where and when the courier gets the package so the delivery times can vary from day to day due to the volume of that day.  We have put a rememinder notice on our checkout screen about this issue if you require us to ship goods to you. We will do everything in our power to get your orders to you as fast as possible but once it leaves the store it is no longer under our control.

We will keep this information page updated as we get new information from our courier partners.


Shipping cut off dates

Any order that requires shipping must be completed before the following dates 

South Island Non-Urban/Rural Zone addressesWednesday 15th December
South Island Business and Residential addressesFriday 17th December
North Island Non-Urban/Rural Zone addressesFriday 17th December
North Island Business and Residential addressesMonday 20th December
Wellington Non-Urban/Rural ZoneMonday 20th December
Wellington Business and ResidentialWednesday 22th December

These do not guarantee delivery before Christmas due to the current issues from the high volume of deliveries as explained above


Store Hours for Christmas and New Year Period

As this is a quiet time for printers we'll be operating the following hours over the Christmast and New Year Period

  • Copy Express will be closed from 3pm Thursday 23rd December to 9am Monday 17th January
  • Summer Hours 9am to 1pm Monday 17th to Friday 21st January
  • Closed Wellington Anniversary Day Monday 24th January
  • Normal Business Hours Resume 10am Tuesday 25th January

Any orders placed between 10am Thursday 23rd December to 9am Monday 17th of January will be logged in our system with a estimated delivery date calculated from the 17th of January.