Looking for a great way to promote your business? Need a way for customers to buy something when they just don’t know what to buy? Then sell them a gift voucher. Easily customizable to fit your businesses’ needs, giving you a big rang of options for promotion and sales for little overhead costs.

Available in two styles – padded where the voucher is glued along the left-hand edge to make the book and stapled which comes with a record tab that voucher is joined to by an easy tear perforation.  Both version come made in pads/books of twenty vouchers. Serial numbers come as standard, all you do it put the first number of the sequence and leave the rest to us. You also have the option of printing on the back of the voucher to fit extra information.

Want to do something different? A different size or formatting? We can work with you to come up with your own unique take on this powerful sales and marketing tool.

Standard sizes are:


  • Small: 60 x 90mm
  • Medium: 70 x 140mm
  • Large: 100 x 210mm

Stapled with record tab 

  • Small: 60 x 148mm with perforation line 58mm from left/top edge
  • Medium: 70 x 210mm with perforation line 70mm from left/top edge
  • Large: 100 x 297mm with perforation line 87mm from left/top edge
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
Small125$ 0.01
2650$ 0.01
51100$ 0.01
101250$ 0.01
251500$ 0.01
5011000$ 0.01
Small with tab125$ 0.02
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