Want to upload your own custom design for vouchers? Use one of our standard sizes or get us to quote on a custom size for you. All vouchers are sold in books or pads of twenty with it bound on the left-hand or top edge and backing card. Put the first number of the serial sequence on the voucher and on the tab and we will generate the rest. Don't forget to include an expirery date and your terms and conditions on the vouchers. Not sure what to include, then see our faq guide for vouchers 

3mm  Bleed  sizes:


  • Small: 66 x 96mm
  • Medium: 76 x 146mm
  • Large: 106 x 216mm

Stapled with record tab 

  • Small: 66 x 154mm with perforation line 61mm from left/top edge
  • Medium: 76 x 216mm with perforation line 73mm from left/top edge
  • Large: 106 x 303mm with perforation line 90mm from left/top edge

Standard Trimmed sizes are:


  • Small: 60 x 90mm
  • Medium: 70 x 140mm
  • Large: 100 x 210mm

Stapled with record tab 

  • Small: 60 x 148mm with perforation line 58mm from left/top edge
  • Medium: 70 x 210mm with perforation line 70mm from left/top edge
  • Large: 100 x 297mm with perforation line 87mm from left/top edge

Stapled with record tab requires a margin of 10 mm on the left hand edge where book is bound. The  tab version of the vouchers tear off section is the same size as the padded version

  • Resolution: 300 dpi.
  • Serial number must be setup as follows
    • The number is the first one in the new sequence.  I.e. placing  001001 for five books will generate numbers 001001 to 001100.
    • Set the type colour to pure red: RGB #FF0000 / CMYK 0 100 100 1 and include in the file notes on the prefered colour of the type when we print it.
    • Any font from the Google Font Library (fonts.google.com). We find the following fonts the most reliable for serial numbers
      • Roboto Mono 
      • Ubuntu Mono
      • Noto Sans Mono
    • Fonts size: 9 to 24 point


Please upload jpg, jpeg, gif, png, eps, ai, pdf, zip, tar, rar,cdr,psd images only File should not be larger than 50MB in size.