How Copy Express will operate under the Covid-19 Traffic Light System

Unless there is a direct order from authorities for all retail and offices to close down in the Wellington region, Copy Express will continue to operate normally with the following requirements

All Levels

  • Customers must sign or scan in. There are QR codes on the doorside window and on the reception counter. Sign in booklet is on the counter.
  • Customers maintain a 1 meter distance from each other and staff
  • There is hand sanitizer and wipes available for customer use
  • We do not need to see a vaccine pasport
  • The Copy Express team are fully vaccinated


  • Customers are not required to wear masks but encouraged to do so
  • Staff may be wearing masks

Orange & Red

  • Customers must wear masks
  • Staff will be wearing masks

Please remember that there have been no recorded cases of covid transmission via contact with paper, If you do have concerns, simply leaving printing untouched for 24 hours will remove any risk.


  • All deliveries will be contactless until delivery companies say otherwise
  • All freight and courier companies are experiencing much higher than normal volume which is effecting delivery times
  • Deliveries may have up to 5 additional weekdays on top of the normal delivery times. Please allow for this in your ordering.
  • We can not adjust our estimated delivery dates as this additional time can change frequently.
  • You can track your delivery through the delivery company website as we always include the delivery company name and package tracking number/s. 
  • If there are any issues please contact the delivery company directly as we have no control over the process once the package/s has left our office.
  • We recommend including instructions on how to securely drop off your delivery in cases where they are unable to visually confirm that you are at home or business location. Use the special instruction area at the checkout for that information or create a separate delivery address which has the instructions as part of the delivery details.