Following the Government requirements during ongoing COVID-19 situation, these will be the processes we will be following to continue operating as your design/print/marketing solution provider

  • We will maintain a 1 meter distance from you at all times where posiable. 
  • If you are making use of the Covid-19 App, our code is on both sides of the door and also on the counter beside the EFTPOS terminal. We also have a sign in sheet availiable instead. 

During  Alert Level 2

These addtional changes are added to our operations

  • As we have very few people in store at any one time, a one meter spacing requirement is maintained at all times.
  • All payment options active. The EFTPOS terminal will be frequently cleaned as will all surfaces at reception and the entrance for your peace of mind.
  • Both pump sanitiser and handwipes are avaliable beside the EFTPOS terminal termal for your use.
  • We will have a process in place for collection that minmises direct contact for transfers of items between you the customer and our staff. Please follows the staff instructions to ensure the process is handled as quickly as posiable. More information can be found both instore and on our FAQ's.
  • Please don't take offence if you see our staff wearing masks. We are doing so to ensure the maximum protection for everyone as required by Level 2 guidelines.

During Alert Level 3

  • We will still be in operation but now only as a 'click and collect' or delivery business.  See our FAQ to learn how it will work. All work can be ordered online through this website, through email, or over the phone. No instore service is available.
  • Payment on collection is avaliable, however we do not support paywave at this time.

During Alert Level 4

  • We are still open for business and can complete all forms of design or other digital only services..

  • No instore payment is possible. Payments by credit card, internet banking, or invoicing for approved account holders only.

Our preperations for the ongoing situation for all alert levels

  • We had already ordered additional supplies to cover our needs for during any reasonable lock down period. so will be able to manage our standard orders. Some specialty products may not be available or only in limited quantities. We contact you directly in these matters.
  • Because much of our supplies comes from overseas sources we are monitoring the supply chains for foreseeable future and ordering accordingly to allow for the supply delays/shortages from suppliers. However as we are competing with much larger companies for these supplies there may be cases where we might not be able to match an orders' requirements. We will work with you to find the solution to best suit your needs.
  • For all orders that rely on one of our production partners there might be delays if they are unable to operate or required to opperate with limited staff. In these cases we will notify effected customers and work with them to come up with suitable solutions.
  • Please allow for a longer than normal delivery period as the couriers will be working through a higher volume of deliveries than normal. You can use their track and trace systems to get an update on deliveries when we have shipped it out.

Is there a risk of infection from the printing

According to all the research, there has been no recorded cases of infection from surfaces. We will be following best practices by maintaining high standards of cleanliness during production. All orders will be bagged in paper / plastic or will be packed in shipping boxes. Courier companies will also be following their hygiene standards to protect both their staff and you. If you have any concerns about transmission, the virus is viable for less than a day on paper and cardboard so leaving the package for 24 hours before opening will remove the risks.

During this time we will do everything in our powers to meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Working together we can all get through this.

Rob and Natasha
Your friendly Copy Express Team