Fit more into your flyers

Need to say more but don’t want to hand out lots of flyers or a booklet? Then use our wide range of Folded Flyers to say all you need on a larger sheet of paper in a more pocket friendly size.

Folded flyers are the next step up in marketing allowing you to give out more information while keeping the costs bottom line friendly. Available in a range of sizes and folding options give you the flexibility to package your marketing in a easy to understand way. The panels allow you to break information into columns or block when folded but still allows you to go big when you fold the flyer out flat.

All folded flyers are supplied folded to size. For orders 1000 units and over, they will also be packaged in rubberband bundles of approximately 200 units.

Want to do something different with the design, place an order larger than what the system allows, order more than one design at once? Contact us direct and we can custom quote to your needs.

Note: Not all products are available in all quantities due to production limitations. Where possible we have listed prices from the next available option.  If you require an amount not listed please do contact us directly and we will custom order to match your needs.

A4 fold A5100$ 95.00
250$ 176.00
500$ 292.00
750$ 374.00
1000$ 456.00
1250$ 512.00
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Price Calculator

A4 roll fold DLA4 z fold DLA4 cross fold A6A4 fold ½A4A3 fold A4A3 roll fold ⅓A3A3 z fold ⅓A3A3 cross fold A52DL fold DLA3 half & roll fold DLA5 fold A6½A3 fold A5
Total : $ 190.00